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It is all about the story.

At Silver Legacy we believe that every company tells a story. As with any good story, the premise gives us a context of the location, the participants, and the circumstances that the company has gone through in the past and its current situation, this is why we pay special attention to the last. Once we have been able to understand where the company comes from, we seek to discover where it is going. Therefore, we look at the plot, that is, we seek to find the sequence of events that affect and will affect the company in the future. 
Which is a fundamental part of any plot? That's right, its characters. Consequently, we also analyze the management capacity of the companies and their relationship with their stakeholders. 
 Finally, we take a look at the prose of the story. We like clear, well-structured stories without too much suspense. We definitely hate science fiction. 
If the story makes sense and points to a happy ending, there are great chances that our interest in being a part of it will increase. We believe that the secret of investing in companies is the same as the one we implemented in our childhood to have a great time: Just sit down and choose your favorite story

How to Invest

We are an unlisted company and therefore we maintain a close relationship with our investors. Our strategy is based on building long-term value for their benefit. 
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